Citiz car sharing enables you to rent a self-service car on an occasional basis, for one hour, one day, or longer. The service, convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly, is an alternative to owning a private car - which remains unused 95% of the time - or a company car.



  • Self-service cars, available 24/7
  • Various classes of cars (from city cars to vans)
  • An all-inclusive service: gas, insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover…
  • 2000 cars available to all subscribers in over 190 cities in France
  • A service based on new technologies, simple and reliable

Cost effective

  • Cost effective
  • Precise cost of use: hours booked + kilometres travelled (starting at 2,50 €/hour + 0.41 €/km)
  • Renting a car with Citiz car sharing is more cost effective if you don’t drive every day and drive less than 10 000 km a year.

Environmentally friendly

  • Citiz allows you to use a car only when you really need one, and therefore is complementary to public and active transport (train, bus, walking, cycling…)
  • Thanks to Citiz, you use less resources and space in the city: a shared vehicle replaces 10 personal cars.

A national collaborative network

Your card enables you to drive any car from the
Citiz network in over 190 cities in France:
Bordeaux, Marseille, Besançon, Dijon, Lyon,
Grenoble, Lille, Occitanie, Strasbourg, Rennes, Angers… 
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